Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A whirlwind trip!

Well for those of you who don't know, I took Jim to Vancouver and LA for his birthday/our anniversary/valentines trip ha ha. I booked it literally 2 days before we left, so spontaneous I know. We were looking at the schedule and realized that last weekend would be the only weekend we had to go see Aaron (Jim's good friend and a training client of his) play hockey. Aaron plays for the Canucks and in 2 years we still haven't gone to see him. So I found a flight that overnighted in BC and left the next am for LA. We left at 4:53pm and arrived in BC at 6:02pm having to rush to get to the game for 7pm. It was so exciting to watch someone you know play and at the highest level of hockey. We watched them play and WIN then had a great time going out for dinner with Aaron and Adrianne. I enjoyed adult conversation ha ha. The next morning we left at 6am for the airport and got into LA at 11:15am. Our first stop was definitely LA Ink, or high voltage tattoo, no I am not into getting tattoos but I have watched the show and wanted to see it in person. I was so excited and Jim just let me go in by myself. By the time we were done there we went to get something to eat just over from Rodeo drive and it was time to get going to our hotel. We checked in and went straight to the supercross race. After that we went to the hotel and slept as we were soooo tired. The next morning we left to go to the airport and came home the next night. I have always wanted to be on the amazing race so when we arrived in Calgary with a 4 hour layover I instinctively ran to the counter trying to get home faster, we ended up on a play 15 minutes later. It was a crazy busy fun trip that left us exhausted but it was soooo worth it. I would love to one day go and spend some time in LA but that will be for another year.

Well I better run as the kids are going to be home soon and will want a snack! I will post an amazing gluten free vegetarian sausage recipe within the next couple days!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Next time you are in Clagary for a lay over, call we'll come visit!
Can't wait to come see you all sometime this summer.
Miss you.