Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hmmmmm I can't think of a title!

Well another beautiful sunny day outside and I am inside WHY???? Well I guess maybe it's the laundry I have yet to do or the toilet that I now have to plunge hmmmm. There is never a dull moment here, but the good thing is if anyone ever needs me I am always home. A friend of ours came over the other day for a little play with the kiddies and they somehow convinced him to move the trampoline under our deck. Now I have little ones who are jumping from the deck onto the trampoline and doing flips, needless to say it is being moved back. I don't know if all kids are as daring as mine but I am constantly shaking my head at the new things they find to do. Ricky was stuck in the monkey bars at school hanging by one foot and I just had to laugh and say wow I guess I will have to put you in gymnastics where you can do stuff like that over mats.

I have been sooooo tired lately, and no it's not because of pregnancy for all of you who are thinking that. For some reason at least one of the kids has to wake up screaming at least once a night. Oh my story I almost forgot. We went to see the Happening movie with friends of ours. Now I don't do well with scary even if it is super stupid like that movie. Anyway the movie STINKS!!!!! I have no clue who comes up with stuff like that i do not ever recommend anyone ever watch that movie. So we come home and are sleeping when all of a sudden Jessica starts screaming, I went to see her and she was freaking out because of the shadows. I just about lost it after seeing that movie so I just grabbed her and said you can come to our room. Ha ha that's why I like nice movies. I actually think there should be an option in every movie where you can pick a bad ending or a good one.

On another note I took Jessica shopping the other day to winners. We went in and she grabbed 6 dresses to try on. She was looking in the mirror and saying oh this one is nice, I look good in this one etc.... people were howling in the changeroom. Anyway after she was done she looks at me and says I will take all of them mom. I said oh no you can take two, she sighed and said how about 4. I couldn't believe it ha ha. She ended up taking 2. I can't believe a 3 year old is into shopping, look out.

Well I guess I better run, the laundry is calling and I have to see if I fixed the toilet. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twice in one week?

Okay so I can't believe I am writing again, that is twice in one week. Now I just have to keep it up ha ha. I just wanted to share about the life of my kids. This morning I decided to make them something different from the usual eggs or omlettes because as I have been told they are "sick of eggs". Well I made french toast with sprouted grain bread and xylitol instead of sugar ha ha. Anyway Kristjan had eaten 2 pieces and I said now you can have some fruit or something instead because that is enough bread for breakfast. He wanted a banana with milk and syrup, my thinking was just a banana no syrup but he didn't like that idea even though he had already opened the banana. So he wanted an apple! Ah Ricky pipes up and says "I will eat the banana" so Kristjan grabs the banana and eats it. I really don't get it sometimes but whatever works, I guess next time I have a problem getting them to eat something I will just give it to one of my other kiddos then they will want to eat it. Kids can be so funny. Everyday here is definatly an adventure and I am so glad for it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow it's been a while!!!!

Okay so I don't know if anyone out there still looks at my blog, since I haven't written since last year I don't blame you!!!! But maybe for my own sanity or I don't know why I have decided to write again ha ha. What else can I say other than BUSY!!!! I don't know if I am really busy or if I just feel like I am busy. It always seems like there is something going on whether it is laundry or running from one race to the next. Yes I said race, Jim has been racing the spring Motocross series this year but due to how busy the gym has gotten (all of his hockey guys are now back) he had to miss a few races. This past weekend was the brandon race so we didn't have to go very far yeah!! He has been doing really well and keeping the bike on 2 wheels for the most part besides a head first over the bars wipe out this past Sunday. He still ended up 3rd after the crash and was not hurt THANK YOU LORD!!!! Other than that things are good. The gym is going so well, we have been totally blessed! We are going to Japan in the beginning of August, Jim is the trainer/nutrition coach for the Polar Ice hockey team so I decided to tag along on their trip to Japan. Also we are going to Mexico for our friends wedding in January. Whew i am really writing a lot. I actually really enjoy writing it just doesn't happen very often unless it's for the business or someone else. The kiddies have been playing soccer and have loved it this year, although they are always concerned that they have to have snack time or it's not really soccer. Since when did sports turn into potlucks????? I told them that if their only concern is to eat then next year we will just have snack at home and save our money. No seriously they love to play it's just that so much emphasis on everything these days revolves around food. Jessica is becoming one tough little cookie! She keeps up with the boys as does her little brother Jacob. I can't believe how fast they are all growing, it is CRAZY!!!!!!! I absolutly can't wait for summer to just be able to go where we want to when we want to. I am missing the boys while they are at school and can't believe Jessica starts pre-school next year. Life is so good! I often lose sight of all of the blessings I have and how good God has been to me and my family. But when I stop to think of all that He has given to us and done for us I am amazed. I am truly a blessed woman, now it's just trying to remember that everyday. Oh before I forget for all of you that want a laugh here is how I spent mothers day! Woke up to a little boy who had taken his diaper off and completly covered himself in his poop. I mean in the ears and everywhere else. It looked like he had gotten one of those mud wraps at the spa. So we get him cleaned up and then it's off to take Ricky to a birthday party then off to Church. Well I forgot the birthday present so back home then to the party with the present. After Church I picked ricky up from his party and went for coffee with the kiddies. I realized after 15minutes that their attention span had gone so we quickly left there. Well we get home and I quickly ran to my room to get something and i hear ricky scream "jacob is bleeding everywhere". I run out and find a trail of blood all over our off white carpet through the entire upstairs then I see Jacob with blood streaming from his poor little nose. Ricky had dropped a book from the top bunk and it landed perfectly smack on jacobs little nose. AHHHHH! It took 15 minutes to stop the bleeding and by the time it was done I had blood completly covering my face, my body, my brand new shirt and all over the carpets and tile. Jessica started scrubbing the floor and it was so cute she said I will help you mommy. Anyway we still have the blood stained carpet to prove it, I did my best to get it out but you can still tell. When Jim called me that night after his race I said "we will have to celebrate mother's day again" ha ha. So therefore there is never a dull moment in my life but I would never trade my life in for anything. These are the best days!!! Until next time!