Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keep in Touch????

I have realized that I am not so good at keeping in touch with people. Maybe it is just the stage I am at in life but if I check my facebook I quickly look then shut it down. When I get an email I quickly check and maybe send a quick hi but thats it. I don't seem to have or make the time I probably need to to get in contact or stay in contact with people. Life with 4 kids is great but it really doesn't leave that much time for spare moments in the day ha ha. Even when I am on the phone it seems like that is when my kiddos want my attention the most. I should probably get better at keeping in touch but I guess my friends and family know where I am at and will forgive me for my lack of contact ha ha.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Are we there yet???? Are we there yet??? Are we there yet??? Yes my kids are officially normal kids ha ha. Well it was a bit of a drive but we made it, the kids were a little more vocal this time about how much they didn't like driving but other than that it was great. After about 6 hours they realized that we were not going to get there any faster if they kept asking when we were gonna get there. Well it was a very spur of the moment trip, Jim said Wed night pack up the camper tomorrow morning we are leaving by noon. Ha ha that is how we work even with four kids. So the trip began, we got there really late on Thursday night got set up and went to bed. Friday we spent the whole day at Valleyfair which was sooooo much fun, except for the one torential downpour that came down on us. After we went to the rainforest cafe for dinner, our kids absolutly love that place. The next day we went to the Mall Of America and played in the theme park. We also took in the move WALL E which was good. Then we went for supper at the Rainforest again. The next day it was already time to come home, but Jim and I stopped in at the Albertsville outlet mall for a little bit and each ran into a couple stores. I don't know what it is but I can never find anything for myself, I did find stuff for the kids ha ha. Oh well thats the way it goes. Well I better run the kiddos need me. I will write soon!