Friday, February 18, 2011

I think I am getting the hang of this!!!!

Well I am either getting the hang of keeping up my blog or I am procrastinating all the mountain of things I should be doing, either way I have so far been successful at writing. I seriously love writing, it's like me talking to another adult even though I can't see one lol. Things have been great here, incredibly crazy busy but hey that is the life of a business owner/mother of 5 and wife to Jim ha ha ha. I love my crazy life!!!!! So the kids are crazy busy, John had completely changed and is the BUSIEST child ever. You turn your head for one minute and he is in the soot from the fireplace, or floating toys or PS3 remotes in the toilet. His latest obsession is emptying all the water from the water cooler onto the floor, but I got him this time as I went and bought child proof knobs. He tries and tries but cannot get it to work. It's hard to believe that John is almost 2 already, this is the longest I have gone without being pregnant. Yes that means that so far there are no babies on the way for us! Well I have the gym calling me and my kids telling me to get off the computer so I guess my moment of relaxation is over. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (although I may be the only one reading this so I wish myself a wonderful weekend lol)


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Jaydee said...

You are sweet Jill! Can't wait to catch up when I am home for a few weeks! Good job on the blog! You have an amazing family! xoxoxo
Love Jaydee