Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am not so good at this!!!

Okay ever since facebook took over I have been neglecting my blog. I am really going to try and update more often. Well it's been a while since we went to Krista and Daves wedding but Jim and i finally got a picture taken together so here it is...... Krista looked beautiful and we had such a great time at the wedding. The food was absolutely amazing, for those of you looking for a great caterer Larry Devries did a wonderful job (I don't know if he usually does weddings???). Anyway the kids got all dressed up (except Jacob) and we all went to the ceremony. Jessica of course was up to her old tricks and was telling everyone in the row behind us to shush be quiet. I wonder where she got all of her drama from ha ha. We are also now in the midst of chaos here in the house, we have been renovating for it seems like ever! The house is finally starting to look sooooo nice I am so excited but now to clean up the downstairs ahhhhhhh. I can't believe how hard it is to keep kids off walls and out of trouble now that we have new paint I am paranoid. Oh yeah the kiddies inhereted (man I can't spell) a bunch of new toys from McCrimmons as they were moving and no longer have little ones so the pictures with all the toys all over are just because we were checking them out. Honestly my house is never that messy, ha ha thats a funny one. It's hard to keep a house in order and get everything done in a day man alive, oh well I don't even pretend to have it together. Well I should get something done around here but will write again. To all of you who do read my blog have a great day and God bless all of you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I am sooooo sorry!!!

Oh my goodness I am sorry I haven't written in so long! I have discovered Facebook and it kind of took over my time online. I am going to make a better effort at trying to write once a week. I will stop looking at my facebook so much and do my blog. Ha ha for those of you who have facebook you will understand. My friend Pam just called me a sparatic blogger so I have to prove her wrong, ha ha just joking. Well life has been busy trying to keep the house in order while having all the kids running around is hard. Thank goodness for the nice weather I can send the kiddies outside to play on the trampoline. We start soccer on Wednesday after school so that should be great. We are in the process of deciding whether or not to sell our house and build on an acreage. Ahhhhh I don't like decisions, that is one area where I need to improve on in my life. I also am realizing I am a stasher and not an organizer. Jim will call and ask me where something is and I can't tell him where I just say I will look for it when I get home. One thing I am good at is admitting I am not good in that area and need some help. The gym is going well, we are getting into the hockey season now so things are picking up quite a bit (not that they ever died down). Well it's mommy time so I better run but I appologize that I haven't written and will be more faithful (ha ha). TTFN (I just figured out what this means)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to reality!

We are back! Florida was so great, we got to spend time with all the fam. Jen, Ken and family were there, Tim, Michelle and family were there, Mom and Dad were there, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dave and family were there, and Uncle Pete and Aunt Diane were there. We had a blast just hanging out at the camper and visiting with family. The trip down was something else though. We left in the middle of a blizzard, as soon as we got through Manitoba they shut the highway down. Then as soon as we got through Minnesota they shut the freeway down, someone was definately looking out for us. We were on our way to Georgia but stopped for gas, I asked the guy if there were any tornadoes coming because it was smokin windy he said "you should probably not go any further we are under tornado watch but if you go further South they are under extreme tornado watch and some have touched down". I was a bit scared as signs were being blown over so needless to say we found an RV park and stopped. The camper was rocking from the wind all night but we never saw a twister (thanks God I couldn't have handled that one). Once we got moving we heard that a tornado ripped through Georgia and killed 10 people, I am so grateful that we stopped for gas. Anyway we finally made it after a lot of Eye Spy, we were all very happy. Jim did a lot of dirt bike riding and we also had a chance to go to disney. The rest of our time we spent just hangin out or swimming at my folks pool. We also had a get together at Tim and Uncle Daves house (Tim and Fam as well as Uncle Dave and Fam rented a house for the week). It was great to have all of us together just to relax and have fun. We also had everyone over to our RV Park for a good ol bbq of course Uncle Pete took the reigns and cooked up the meat (you did a superb job Uncle Pete). I enjoyed getting time with Uncle Pete and Aunt Diane as we don't visit with them too much. The trip was great and of course when it's time to go it's always sad but hey you need a little dose of reality. We left on Saturday March 17th and got home Monday the 19th. I ended up getting a really bad ear infection so needless to say the ride home was not that enjoyable. We are kinda back in the groove of things and of course back to work. I hope all is well with everyone and will write again very soon!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On The Road Again......

Yehaaaw or however you spell that. Well you guessed it we are off to sunny Florida! I am so excited it will be like a big reunion out there, also it's our anniversary and what a good place to spend it (this is where we got married). We are setting out with the RV on Thursday, yup this Thursday. Things have just kinda fallen into place and we have all of the business stuff taken care of. The kiddies are so happy to see Mickey Mouse, we are actually staying at disney's RV park for the first few nights. They have a campfire with Chip and Dale every night so it should be fun. We will take lots and lots of pictures so I will make up for my lack of writing then. Well we look forward to seeing those of you who will be there and will chat with ya'll later. Take care now y'hear. Ha ha. Anyway here are a few old pics but they are too cute!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's one for you Kenny!

Okay so Jacob got this cute little outfit from his cousins Jack and Sammy and despite the fact that it has the dallas cowboys on it I let Jacob wear it. Ha ha just joking I actually don't really follow football anyway, but thought you would appreciate this Kenny. Things here have been crazy as usual but of course it's great. I am getting used to the sound of banging drums amongst the other noises from my household. I think Jim is great but he seems to think he needs a lot of work. My kiddies seem so grown up sometimes. We are thinking of going to Florida for a much needed vacation (haha) but are coming across a few obstacles like the length of time it takes to get there. Anyway Jim told Kristjan to pray about it and see what he thought. I picked him up after school today and he said "mommy I prayed at school today and God thinks it would be a good idea if we go to florida". It's moments like that where you think man you are growing up. Things are going well here, just got our passport pictures done today and man alive I look pretty scary! The kids loved it, they ran the show in that place. Not much else is new here, but I am going to make a pact to write at least once a week in my blog. The gym is going great we have been blessed. Well we love you all and thanks for your comments, this is sooooo fun.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Our New Addition

Okay okay the title is a bit misleading but I know how to get your attention. Ha Ha! I am actually talking about our new drumset. For those of you who don't know, Jim used to play the drums. When we first met he played quite a bit then just stopped playing as he didn't have any drums. Well I have been encouraging him for some time now to get drums and he finally did. One night he said I think I am going to get some drums so we checked on ebay and found a "sick" set of drums. We now have them set up and they are great! I don't quite know how I am going to keep the kiddies off of them but hey we will figure it out. Kristjan thinks that we should have a family band so they have been playing their tamborine and spoons, Jessica also loves to play the recorder. Mom and dad I am so sorry if I played that little thing as loud as she does!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wow can you believe I am doing this?

Well I have finally decided to try this whole blogging thing out. I figured this way I can keep everyone updated at once, ha ha. Well life is always crazy and exciting and a crazy thing happened, I won a car. Well for 8 months that is, but hey I still have a car that I don't have to pay for! As of right now I am the one who drives it and the picture tells you why. I can't picture Jim driving a car with lips on it although we will be able to remove the stickers right away. The kiddies love it, they think it's the coolest car. It's neat how God provides though! Our neighbor is leaving for a week to go to Mexico, she is the one that walks Kristjan to school in the mornings for me. Anyway it has been like -60 (which really means -35-40 in Jill language) and I can't imagine bundling up all the kids to walk him to school, but now I have a car!!!!

Everything is going well , the gym is doing amazing we have been so blessed. I am still doing the cleaning and working weekends, but it actually isn't too bad. Jim just celebrated his 31st birthday and he is looking as studly as ever. The kiddies are non-stop action all the time so I never get bored. Well speaking of children mine are getting a bit ansy so I should probably run. I hope all is well with everyone and hey thanks for checking out our blog.