Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's the weekend!!!!

Yay it's the weekend!!!! I absolutely love having the whole family home, weekends are the best. I think this will just be a recouping weekend as we have almost all been hit with a nasty cold but are on the mend. John got it the worst of everyone but his fever finally broke this morning so I am so happy!!!! I am actually going out tonight for dinner, my friend Liz is in visiting from BC and so we are going to go out. I love going out to eat, Jim doesn't like it because he doesn't know what they have done to the food but I love not having to do a thing and someone cleaning up after me lol. Other than that we have Church tomorrow then back to the old grind on Monday.
I have been in a rut cooking the same old things over and over again but this week am gonna step it up and find some new things to share. The one ingredient that I have discovered is coconut secret!!!! It is the best thing since soya sauce. I love soya sauce but all the sodium and the fact that it is made from soy we don't use it or like it, even braggs aminos we don't use anymore because it is made with soy. As you can see we are not fans of soy for multiple reasons so we do not use it. Coconut secret is to me an alternative to soya sauce but it tastes even better and a little goes a long way. We substitute coconut secret any place we would use soya sauce or braggs. I bought it online at upapaya naturals and got a gallon jug. I highly recommend it. I have been making a lot of stirfry lately and that is all I use on it.
Well off to do something productive, well maybe not ;). I wish you all an amazing weekend!


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