Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's one for you Kenny!

Okay so Jacob got this cute little outfit from his cousins Jack and Sammy and despite the fact that it has the dallas cowboys on it I let Jacob wear it. Ha ha just joking I actually don't really follow football anyway, but thought you would appreciate this Kenny. Things here have been crazy as usual but of course it's great. I am getting used to the sound of banging drums amongst the other noises from my household. I think Jim is great but he seems to think he needs a lot of work. My kiddies seem so grown up sometimes. We are thinking of going to Florida for a much needed vacation (haha) but are coming across a few obstacles like the length of time it takes to get there. Anyway Jim told Kristjan to pray about it and see what he thought. I picked him up after school today and he said "mommy I prayed at school today and God thinks it would be a good idea if we go to florida". It's moments like that where you think man you are growing up. Things are going well here, just got our passport pictures done today and man alive I look pretty scary! The kids loved it, they ran the show in that place. Not much else is new here, but I am going to make a pact to write at least once a week in my blog. The gym is going great we have been blessed. Well we love you all and thanks for your comments, this is sooooo fun.

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