Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to reality!

We are back! Florida was so great, we got to spend time with all the fam. Jen, Ken and family were there, Tim, Michelle and family were there, Mom and Dad were there, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dave and family were there, and Uncle Pete and Aunt Diane were there. We had a blast just hanging out at the camper and visiting with family. The trip down was something else though. We left in the middle of a blizzard, as soon as we got through Manitoba they shut the highway down. Then as soon as we got through Minnesota they shut the freeway down, someone was definately looking out for us. We were on our way to Georgia but stopped for gas, I asked the guy if there were any tornadoes coming because it was smokin windy he said "you should probably not go any further we are under tornado watch but if you go further South they are under extreme tornado watch and some have touched down". I was a bit scared as signs were being blown over so needless to say we found an RV park and stopped. The camper was rocking from the wind all night but we never saw a twister (thanks God I couldn't have handled that one). Once we got moving we heard that a tornado ripped through Georgia and killed 10 people, I am so grateful that we stopped for gas. Anyway we finally made it after a lot of Eye Spy, we were all very happy. Jim did a lot of dirt bike riding and we also had a chance to go to disney. The rest of our time we spent just hangin out or swimming at my folks pool. We also had a get together at Tim and Uncle Daves house (Tim and Fam as well as Uncle Dave and Fam rented a house for the week). It was great to have all of us together just to relax and have fun. We also had everyone over to our RV Park for a good ol bbq of course Uncle Pete took the reigns and cooked up the meat (you did a superb job Uncle Pete). I enjoyed getting time with Uncle Pete and Aunt Diane as we don't visit with them too much. The trip was great and of course when it's time to go it's always sad but hey you need a little dose of reality. We left on Saturday March 17th and got home Monday the 19th. I ended up getting a really bad ear infection so needless to say the ride home was not that enjoyable. We are kinda back in the groove of things and of course back to work. I hope all is well with everyone and will write again very soon!

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