Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wow can you believe I am doing this?

Well I have finally decided to try this whole blogging thing out. I figured this way I can keep everyone updated at once, ha ha. Well life is always crazy and exciting and a crazy thing happened, I won a car. Well for 8 months that is, but hey I still have a car that I don't have to pay for! As of right now I am the one who drives it and the picture tells you why. I can't picture Jim driving a car with lips on it although we will be able to remove the stickers right away. The kiddies love it, they think it's the coolest car. It's neat how God provides though! Our neighbor is leaving for a week to go to Mexico, she is the one that walks Kristjan to school in the mornings for me. Anyway it has been like -60 (which really means -35-40 in Jill language) and I can't imagine bundling up all the kids to walk him to school, but now I have a car!!!!

Everything is going well , the gym is doing amazing we have been so blessed. I am still doing the cleaning and working weekends, but it actually isn't too bad. Jim just celebrated his 31st birthday and he is looking as studly as ever. The kiddies are non-stop action all the time so I never get bored. Well speaking of children mine are getting a bit ansy so I should probably run. I hope all is well with everyone and hey thanks for checking out our blog.


Chelsea McCrimmon said...

Hi Jill, wow, I can't believe you're doing this either! haha jk. I think it's neat, I love reading these things. The pictures are so good! Aren't your kids just SO cute?! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I read it. Talk to you later!

Rayna said...

Hey Jill!
It's great that you are blogging! I am finding it a good way to keep up with everyone in my world. And it is so nice to see other people's and keep up with them.
Hey, where did you win the car from? It looks like an awesome little vehicle. Good for you for gettng a vehicle that you can step right into. :)
Your kids are as adorable as ever!
Looking forward to seeing more.

Heather Fleger said...

Hi Jill,
Do you remember your old roomate Heather, here I am! Wow 4 Kids good for you! We have 2 and that is busy! Good pictures, and good to see how you have been doing take care.


Oh no Jill! I cannot believe that you drive that car lol I never would have guessed that in a million years! Of course the kids love it haha i would too! Just kidding! Your kids are so cute and are growing up so fast lol every time i see them they are so much bigger! Yeah you think -35 is cold just go to Quebec like I did a little while ago and to -50 then tell me how it feels lol I was so numb the whole time I was outside! I'm glad that God has been blessing you all the way out there in the -60 weather! I had a great time talking to you on the phone today Ive missed you!
-rebeccca <3 loves you!