Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where does the time go?

Wow is all I can say!!!! It has been forever!!!!! I have realized I am not a good blogger, or that at this time in my life I just can't find the time. I know that most people have given up on me but I eventually will get going again. I get so much inspiration from other peoples blogs and find it almost relaxing to write my thoughts, even though they may not make complete sense lol! Life here has been amazing, crazy, busy, and fast all at the same time. Baby Jillian is now almost 9 months old, I can hardly believe it! She has brought so much joy to this household, everyone loves her. She is definitely a mammas girl and I am loving every minute of it.
I have started up a protein bar business and sell them at the gym, of course they are unbaked and I use only the best organic or natural ingredients I can get. This just kind of fell into place, Jim had asked me to make some for some hockey players so I said ok I will give it a whirl. I ended up making the most amazing tasting bar (I have a hard time eating protein bars as I don't like any of them) that I have ever had! I figured if I loved them other people should like them because I was the biggest critic. Sure enough we sampled them out and people loved them! This was so super exciting for me as I love to cook and feed people and love when they love what I have prepared. Seriously God helped me with this recipe because I would never have thought of it on my own. So we have been busy making bars after gym hours, see I needed something else to fill my time ;)
Our garden is now in full swing! Everything is growing and it is just so neat to see how a tiny little seed turns into such great produce! If ever you needed proof there is a God just look at how things grow. My parents have been super busy with farming and teaching the kids to get their butts outside to work (sometimes it works).
The kids are doing great, Kristjan is almost 11 now, Rick is 9, Jessica is 7, Jacob is 6, John is 3 and Jillian 8 months. I am finding that Kristjan is such a huge help, I almost feel bad that he is the go to guy for getting things done. I decided to sign him up for golf lessons so he could have his own thing. Rick and Jacob are busy with dirtbike racing which Jim loves, and Jessica has been doing dance and gymnastics. John is a busy little bee all on his own! Man is he a busy kid!!!! I love his excitement and seriously everyday he does something that I just think awe I wish I got that on camera. The kids wanted to start taping him everyday and create a you tube series of What did Johnny do today, and seriously I am sure everyone would watch him.
Well I have gone on long enough and think that I hear children so I better run. Hope you all have an amazing summer!!!!!!!!!!


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