Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whew where has time gone????

Wow it's June already!!!! It's hard to believe how fast time is flying by, pretty soon school will be out and the kiddos will be home for summer break. A lot has been happening around here, the first major exciting change is that my mom and dad moved here from Ontario. Man alive am I ever lucky!!!!! I am absolutely loving having them here and enjoying every second of their company. With that comes the start of our farming career!!!!! We have had 156 babies join us, baby chicks that is!!! Johnny calls them his cutes, although the 6 older ones don't look quite as cute anymore. We will see how this venture goes, although I don't know yet how to explain where the chickens have gone to the younger ones........
The weather here has been TERRIBLE!!!!!! We have had so much rain and wind that my garden is completely under water! We are going to have to dig up another location and plant there but haven't done so yet. I cannot wait till we get the crops in as fresh garden veggies are the best!!!!! I am also cooking for another young guy so have been cooking up a storm and haven't had time to blog in FOREVER!
Well I guess I better get back to looking after the kiddos, my 10 min is up ha ha.


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