Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twice in one week?

Okay so I can't believe I am writing again, that is twice in one week. Now I just have to keep it up ha ha. I just wanted to share about the life of my kids. This morning I decided to make them something different from the usual eggs or omlettes because as I have been told they are "sick of eggs". Well I made french toast with sprouted grain bread and xylitol instead of sugar ha ha. Anyway Kristjan had eaten 2 pieces and I said now you can have some fruit or something instead because that is enough bread for breakfast. He wanted a banana with milk and syrup, my thinking was just a banana no syrup but he didn't like that idea even though he had already opened the banana. So he wanted an apple! Ah Ricky pipes up and says "I will eat the banana" so Kristjan grabs the banana and eats it. I really don't get it sometimes but whatever works, I guess next time I have a problem getting them to eat something I will just give it to one of my other kiddos then they will want to eat it. Kids can be so funny. Everyday here is definatly an adventure and I am so glad for it.

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