Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here we go again!!!!

Wow I looked at my blog and thought hmmmm I am a horrible blogger!!!!! I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas but actually taking the time to sit down and do so is another story. I have been reading a lot of other blogs and decided I am going to try this again. A lot has changed since I last wrote, first of all we had our 5th child John!!!! He is such a joy and an absolute blessing. We have also gone completely gluten free!!!! We recently took a trip to Chicago to Dr. Mercola's natural health institute and found out that all of our children are intolerant to gluten. We thought we were eating close to gluten free but once you go through the process you find that there are a lot of hidden glutens out there. It has been quite the journey but everyday gets easier and easier and we are noticing huge changes in our children since we removed gluten from their diets. I will post recipes and links to websites and blogs that have helped us along the way! I am really excited about this so I will try to make it last this time lol, although I am not even sure if anyone will read this. I love to write so this is as much for me as for anyone else that may find this useful. So here is to another try!!!!!


Michelle said...

Glad you are going to blog again! Hope all is well!

Jill said...

I really enjoy blogging so hopefully I can keep it up! It's almost relaxing lol!