Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keep in Touch????

I have realized that I am not so good at keeping in touch with people. Maybe it is just the stage I am at in life but if I check my facebook I quickly look then shut it down. When I get an email I quickly check and maybe send a quick hi but thats it. I don't seem to have or make the time I probably need to to get in contact or stay in contact with people. Life with 4 kids is great but it really doesn't leave that much time for spare moments in the day ha ha. Even when I am on the phone it seems like that is when my kiddos want my attention the most. I should probably get better at keeping in touch but I guess my friends and family know where I am at and will forgive me for my lack of contact ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

ya Jill!! Kirsten and I are beginning to wonder if we'll ever hang out again. :(